Begin to Solar Power Your Home For Only $5!

Okay, so you really can't solar power your home for $5, but you can get started that cheaply. Solar power garden lights start at $5, and are simple lights mounted on a stake with a small solar collector mounted on top. You stake them wherever you need night time safety and accent lighting outdoors, around your walkways, garden paths and driveways. They collect the sun's rays during the day, and release this light at night when they sense low light situations. This simple and visually striking solar energy application illustrates how simply and inexpensively we can harness the free, limitless power of the sun.

You can take it a step further and install solar security and floodlights under the eaves of your house and carport. These lights can be as cheap as $15, and work in the same manner as the garden lights. They absorb sunlight in the day, and then illuminate whenever there is motion within their sensor range, allowing for safety and security, while not adding any draw to your electric bill.

And if you want a low-cost way to transfer some of your money going out of your wallet right back into your pocket, solar power your home by adding a couple of solar sky lights to your home. A solar sky light kit can run from $100 up, but quickly pays itself off, and allows you to begin to see a tangible depreciation in your monthly power bill. It is merely a typical looking skylight, but instead, the light is funneled through a highly reflective solar tube to anywhere you need light. You can reach every area of your home, and stop wasting electricity at the same time.

Another low cost way to install a home solar power system cheaply is by the addition of solar power attic vents. They look in every regard like a normal attic vent, but use solar energy to power themselves rather than electricity. Your attic is cooled, which means your house is much easier to cool, and all it costs is the initial cost of the solar power attic fans, which generally cost $100 and up.

You can even solar power your home for free by simply timing certain activities for different times and locations. Reading a book on the sofa during the day with table-lamp light? Turn it off and move to the patio, using natural sunlight. Open blinds and drapes wide, and then survey the available light. You may find that you are just turning many lights on out of habit, rather than necessity.

Once you start to solar power your home you will find it hard to stop. As savings add up, you will happily look into larger projects, like solar power hot water heater systems. They could cost you from $1,500 to $3,000 initially, but they generally pay themselves off in 42 to 60 months, then every time you use hot water after that, you are getting free energy! And these projects are subsidized by Uncle Sam, meaning a nice rebate check and or tax break, and they pay themselves off faster every time your energy rate is raised by your utility company.

Starting off cheaply to solar power your home is a great way to reap the benefits of solar energy without much cost. It also helps you to fully understand the whole solar power process, and makes it easier to ease into larger, more financially rewarding projects. So begin to solar power your home today in some small, inexpensive way, and a totally solar powered home, and free electricity, is just around the corner.

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