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Solar power supplies used to be limited to a solar power charger and some solar panels. These panels were used to harness the rays of the sun and then using a solar power inverter would convert the DC power to usable electricity. This energy was then used to power lights. And that was considered incredible only 20 years ago!

That was the extent of solar powered devices. But as technology got smarter, and the ability to regulate solar energy improved, the number of devices that would run on a solar power charger multiplied dramatically. Environment-conscious consumers can now power up a host of items that traditionally were powered by coal-produced electricity.

Solar power can now be used to power a solar hot water heater, solar attic fan, solar power fountain, solar power pool heater , solar attic fan, solar power pump, solar power cell phone charger, solar light tube , solar power shingles and even a solar power oven. And harnessing solar power for laptop use is right around the technological corner. What other amazing technological uses will be created for this limitless, free resource in the future?

And the price of solar supplies has dropped drastically, as competitors in the field has risen to meet the incredible supply that outrageous energy costs and environmental consciousness has created. A solar power charger used to be the possession of the wealthy only, but now, at less than $1,000, it is within even the most modest of budgets.

And while the U.S. government will not subsidize your installation for the use of a solar power pool heater, they will give you tax credits if you install a solar energy water heater. Uncle Sam will only allow a tax break if the solar power supplies you install are used for directly powering consumable necessities like lighting, heat and water in your home or office (some local municipalities have even climbed on board, offering monthly and one-time tax breaks for installation of a solar power charger in the home).

When coupled with the savings you will experience immediately thanks to a greatly diminished monthly electric bill, you will rapidly recoup the initial financial outlay for solar power supplies that keeps so many concerned homeowners from employing a solar energy plan.

Another one of the relatively new solar power supplies is the portable solar power system. This ingenious solar power charger comes as a multi-position solar collecting panel on wheels so you can "chase the sun" if you live in an area where there is not a concentrated solar environment. Here's a different article about another type of portable solar power. Read about portable solar power generators.

The solar power cell phone charger comes in a variety of styles. There is a dashboard mounted solar collecting cell that works while you are parked or driving to charge a solar collector. When needed, this collector/solar power inverter can be connected to your cell phone for a rapid charge-up of your battery.

There is also a permanent solar power charger that is coupled with a complex control panel that allows connectivity to a number of different connectors for charging cell phones, portable TV's, mp3 players and other small personal electronics.The problem so far is that there are no solar power supplies that collect and store enough energy to run a power-hungry laptop.

The size of a solar power panel needed to draw enough kilowatt hours to recharge a laptop battery would be massive, and not at all portable. Currently the only way to juice up your laptop is to plug it in the wall at home, and harness any solar power charger installed there.

Solar power supplies have indeed come a long way in the last few years. Once only available to the wealthy, they are now affordable to the masses, put money back in your pocket monthly, and even help reduce our negative impact on the environment.

When you consider that use of a solar power charger in your home can earn you federal and local tax credits, and lessen our dependence on foreign oil supplies, it looks like a no-brainer. So, whether you want to be a patriot, you love Mother Nature, or just like the idea of getting your hand in Washington's pocket, investigate a solar power plan today. The benefits are many, the downsides minimal, and solar power supplies have never been more affordable, or more versatile.

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