Simple Solar Power Project Ideas You Can Do To Start Saving Money

Before attempting any large scale solar power project, it’s a better idea to take small steps before diving in; this not only helps you get more accustomed to it, but also helps build confidence in the technology. Solar energy is one area where you can start slow with simple solar power project implementations. A good place to start would be a solar shower which is easy to install and portable too. You can use the hot water from this shower to take a bath if you are backpacking or camping. All you need is a special plastic bag with a transparent part on the top and a black bottom. The top lets the sunlight pass through while the bottom absorbs all the energy to heat the water in the bag.

Adding sunscreens is an example of another simple solar project - the difference is that you are not tapping into the sunlight here, just reflecting it back. The sunscreens are great to reflect the sun's rays away from your home and at the same time they are also great insulators. In summer when you coat your windows with these screens, you will see a big reduction in disturbingly bright light and also in the heat inside the house. Typically, it is the windows that face south, so coating them with sunscreen is the ideal solution.

During winters though, you do not want to have these screens. With limited sunlight, you need every bit of that sun in your house. So you need to remove the sunscreens. While you could go with removable sunscreen frames, it involves a lot of manual work. The electric sunscreen systems are automated. Using the controller you can decide whether you want the sunscreen on or off.

These sunscreens come in sheets that are 8 feet wide. These are rolled and delivered so you can have the length as long as you prefer. To set a good sunscreen up, you need some tacks, a box cutter a stapler and a hammer. You can purchase frames for your windows in a wide range of colors. You can get these windows pre-loaded with the screen, or you can add then manually. Before you decide to redesign your entire house with sunscreen windows, you can check the benefits by loading some cheap sunscreen on your existing windows. You should see the difference in no time and then you would be more than convinced to go with a better solution than just cheap screens.

Security lights are another great solution of small scale solar power projects. These kits include a PV cell, a battery, a spot light and a sensor. The PV cell needs to be placed in the sunlight to capture the energy. However, the rest of the parts can be placed anywhere you like. Depending on how you want to use the motion detector spotlight, you can place them in different locations. Here are some solar power project ideas:

  • A great place to have this is in the front porch or along the driveway. Whenever someone opens the door or walks on the driveway, the spotlight with switch on and allow that person to see the path better.
  • Garage or personal work sheds are other places where you can have this unit setup. As soon as you walk into the garage, the light turns on to aid you in working or look around.
  • Basements are another place where motion detected spotlight can be invaluable.
  • You can place the light on top of the dinner table in your garden or in the gazebo.
  • In fact, this can be used in any remote location in your home where there is not enough light or limited brightness. The sensor can be programmed to shutoff the light at whatever time you prefer.

Solar light tubes or tubular skylights are also an interesting way to tap the brilliance of solar energy. In this case the sunlight is trapped and diffused into the house through special tubes. The entire room can be lit by reflecting the sunlight. Since it is reflected natural light, the room has a natural look to it and it does not get very hot. Remote corners and darker rooms are great places for such a solution. While installing it can take quite some skill and time, the end result is something that you can be really proud of.

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