Solar Power Panels - The Cornerstone of Any Solar Energy Plan

Solar power panels are the lifeblood of any solar energy plan, whether you want to build your own solar panel to power a few lights, or you intend on constructing an entire solar panel house. They are the first step in the collection and harnessing of solar energy. Without them, no solar project, not even making a small solar panel can get underway. But exactly how do solar panel systems work?

Regardless of what solar panel project you you jump into a homemade solar panel and a store-bought solar energy panel are very similar. Let’s look at how they actually take sunlight and create energy.

Home solar panel systems and huge commercial solar panel systems work the same way. Photovoltaic (transforming light into energy) cells are arranged on a thin film solar panel . This thin sheeting is then mounted onto some type of flat rectangular frame, and angled to face the sun. These solar panels collect heat from the sun's rays. This heat is transferred to common household electricity by a solar inverter.

The electricity then usually runs through a charge controller before being stored in batteries for later use. This is why solar panel efficiency runs so high. There are very few steps involved, so very little energy is lost in this process. Unlike electricity, which is most commonly created by burning coal and storing energy at some distant power plant, solar energy is clean and localized. You own your own solar power plant.

Simplicity and pride are also some of the reasons so many homeowners opt to build their own " homemade solar panel ". It is fun, educational for the whole family, and can be started on any budget. The size of solar panels can be tailored fit to your specific needs and space limitations. And you can start small and ramp up production as your budget allows. Even though making a home solar power panel is relatively easy, the low cost of "ready-to-go" all in one home solar panel systems has most consumers purchasing rather than learning the processes of solar panel construction .

A home solar power panel is generally used to collect sunlight for conversion into energy for lights and heat. This is a very simple process for the "average Joe" to understand. He can feel the heat and see the light the sun emits, so channeling the solar panel output to things like water heaters and light bulbs just makes sense. Most of the monthly energy cost savings to the normal homeowner is created by these two applications. However, these are not the only ways that solar power panels can be employed in a home solar panel project.

Did you know that solar ovens are quite a common feature in the modern solar energy-powered home? Obviously requiring a lot more solar energy than light bulbs or water heaters, many solar power panels requiring much space are used to collect the energy needed to heat and oven to 400 degrees. This means more batteries, a larger solar inverter, and more upfront cost.

Other household devices that can benefit from solar energy are solar powered dishwashers, solar powered freezers and solar powered refrigerators. You can even use pool solar panels to extend your pool season for your family. Yes, just because the sun's energy is initially hot does not mean it cannot be converted to cooling energy. As you can see, the incredible versatility of the simple solar energy panel cannot be overstated. Anything that runs on electricity can be powered by a solar energy panel.

Sailors, professionals and outdoors-men alike, have long understood the power of the sun's rays, and used them to harness energy. Imagine being out in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight, when your battery dies. It is very reassuring to know you have a battery backup that has been charged by energy collected in solar power panels built onto your boat.

So, whether you want to build your own solar panel or purchase pre-made all in one home solar panel systems, the going is fun, easy and low-cost. The savings are instantaneous, you help create independence for you and your family, and lessen your impact on Mother Earth. All in all, harnessing free energy through the use of solar power panels is something you can begin to employ and benefit from today. As you can see there are many uses for solar energy .

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