Solar Power Outdoor Lighting – Shedding Light Where There Once Was None

Solar power outdoor lighting is an ideal solution for areas where electricity services are not either not feasible or too expensive to install. The only thing you’ll need is sunlight for it to work. These types of systems are comprised of portable versions of photovoltaic units that can be easily transported to any location and be readily set-up as needed.

Because of it diminutive size, it weighs a mere 40 pounds. It’s robust in design and light in weight. A thin film solar panel charges the batteries (off course when the sun is up) and delivers the electricity during night. The basic concept of this system is to convert sunlight directly into electricity stored in the batteries. The absence of glass in the product design removes the problem of shattering glass. These units are designed to work well even on cloudy days. By incorporating a simple electrical connection system and a standard power controller, you’ll be all set to use this product.

There are some typical places where solar outdoor lighting is absolutely invaluable. Think about it – where can YOU use solar power outdoor lighting? It is appropriate to use it where electricity is hard to provide, unfeasible, or impractical as in mountainous terrain, tool sheds, remote cabins or even in construction areas. Wherever there is sufficient sunlight, a Compact Solar light system is suitable for use. Camping is another great place you can appreciate the true value of solar power outdoor lighting.

Solar panel charge controller, solar panel array and a mounting base hardware collectively make this solar light system. With proper connections this system can be used with 3V/6V/9V applications (using an adaptor) for the lights and batteries. It has separate connectors provided for the battery. A standard 2W solar thin film panel can charge the batteries in just over half a day. With simple setup procedures and design, no professional install is needed.

Solar electricity provides bright and pure light energy. Compared to kerosene or wood, which are common light forms in remote places, solar lighting provides a healthier, cleaner environment. Burning fuel in any form is environmentally polluting. I think we all can agree that any type of fuel-burning, even wood, poses a health hazard as well as the carbon emissions. To do this just for the sake of adequate lighting is something that can be easily avoided.

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