Solar Power Lights – Light Up The Great Outdoors With Solar Power Outdoor Lighting

Solar power lights are efficient, cool and inexpensive. Right there they already have two out of three advantages over traditional incandescent lighting. Yes, the older solar light bulbs had a weird blue flickering effect, but that is a thing of the past. The fact that incandescent bulbs produce 90 per cent of their wattage in heat and 10 per cent of their wattage in light is a good enough reason to change sides. But when you add the fact that solar lighting will save money and help the environment, there really is no argument not to switch.

Especially in the summer, when you want your house as cool as possible, cooler solar lighting just makes sense. As mentioned above, traditional lighting is very inefficient and hot, but solar lighting uses 100 per cent of its power for light, not heat. But indoors is not the only place where you can harness the cost-effective power of the sun. Solar power outdoor lighting is cheap and easy to install, and comes in units that you simply stake into the ground. They have solar sensors that collect light on the top, and they begin to release that light as the surroundings get dark.

And for around $15, you can get solar lights with an array of mounting and usage options. Employ them overhead under the eaves of your house and over your porches with motion sensors for security, or place in the ground bordering your walkways and driveways for safe passage at night. With the solar sensor and collector built-into the bulb casing, the entire unit is one-piece and easy to place wherever you desire. You really are only limited by access to sunlight and your imagination and needs.

Security lights run around $60, and have wires and a battery as well as the basic components, but are still very user friendly and simple to install. Solar power outdoor lighting can be aimed out over a front porch or mounted over a garage door to provide motion-sensor lighting when someone drives up.

Indoors, motion activated lighting can be used inside the garage, or over the work space in a work shed. Dark, dangerous basement stairs are great for motion-sensor solar lights; when you approach, they come on.

Gazebos, picnic tables and remote areas with no electricity like cabins are other likely spots for solar power outdoor lighting. Actually, solar power lights can be used to power an entire cabin indoors and out, as long as motion sensitive lights are placed indoors where there is constant enough activity to keep them on or the time range is widened to allow little movement.

Solar lights are perfect when you don't want to run wires, or when there is no nearby power supply. Easy to install, cheap and efficient, solar power outdoor lighting and other indoor solar power lights just make sense, so what are you waiting for?

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