Solar Power Lighting - How Solar Power Lights Brighten Your Life

When you think about harnessing the sun's solar power lighting is probably one of the first applications that comes to mind, and logically so. Solar technology was born in 1883 when Charles Fritts designed the first solar cell, and displayed the new energy source by powering, you guessed it, a solar power light! Coming only 4 years after Thomas Edison invented the first commercially viable electric light bulb, solar power was harnessed.

The awareness of the clean energy capabilities the sun has to offer has been around since ancient Egyptian times, it just needed to be stored and utilized. And why not try to mimic the largest heat and light source in our Solar System? After all, the sun is a big, bright light-emitting globe, and that is really all light bulbs are. Add the fact that solar energy is free and limitless, and it just makes sense to develop a solar power plan.

So it stands to reason that homeowners wishing to benefit from using solar energy in their home would initially turn to solar lights and lighting applications. And this money saving, ecologically responsible energy alternative does not have to be taxing on your pocketbook or back. There are several great reasons to initially "test the waters" by starting off slow with some simple devices like solar lights if you are considering employing a solar energy plan in your home.

One benefit of starting your solar power project on a small scale is cost. Common solar power outdoor lighting devices like solar power garden lights and solar power flood lights are relatively inexpensive. A complete kit for installing solar power flood lights runs under $100, and solar power garden lightswill only set you back about $4 each. There are also all-in-one kits you can purchase online that contain everything you need to provide accent lighting to your entire yard. Kits start at around $30. At prices like these, you can ease your way into a large scale residential solar power project, and purchase more solar power lights as your budget allows.

Another good reason to start off with solar energy lighting as opposed to a larger solar energy application is the low level of maintenance involved. There isn't any! If your solar lights die, you either replace the bulbs, or simply purchase a whole new light. Solar energy lamps are also inexpensive and easily available. And there is no ongoing maintenance schedule, no costly tools required, and no physical impact that is attached to so many household maintenance projects. That is the beauty of the solar power light. It requires no more work than any other light you currently use, it just gets its energy in a different way.

A third no-excuse reason for saving money and helping the environment through the application of solar lighting is simplicity. Solar power outdoor lighting, solar power flood lights and indoor solar power lights are installed just like any traditional light bulb or light kit. There is no special training or knowledge required.

Solar lights also raise the awareness level of not only your family, but also your friends and neighbors. When you have guests over and they notice your efforts to complement your home with solar power lights, you are provided with an opportunity to get a discussion going about the many benefits of solar energy. To make a meaningful, global impact, each one of us is responsible for spreading the solar power story.

Solar energy lighting can also provide an opportunity to bring your family together. While having to explain photovoltaic cells and solar inverters that are integral parts of a whole-house solar energy plan might be too much for children to understand, discussing how a solar light works is easy and straightforward. You can instill in your children a sense of ecological responsibility, independence and thriftiness, and ensure that the next generation will look to the sun for alternate energy answers that lessen our debilitating impact on Mother Earth.

With so many outstanding and immediate benefits that you receive from solar lighting, there really is no reason not to get started reaping the low-cost, low-maintenance rewards that solar lights deliver. So take that first step today. Purchase some inexpensive, money-saving solar power flood lights or a solar power outdoor lighting kit, and your future will be brighter than ever.

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