Are American Made Solar Power Inverters the Best?

Solar power invertersare needed in every Inter-tie system, but all inverters are not created equal. There are several things you need to look for when buying solar power inverters, but the three main areas you want to check are the California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency rating, the cost per watt, and the warranty. As long as the CEC efficiency rating (the ratio of output power to input power) is at least 92%, you know you are not losing much of the energy you are creating, and the higher the number, the better production.

The cost per watt tells you how much you are paying for the solar inverter, and most efficient units cost around $1 per watt. If you can get under a dollar per watt, better still. Finally, you want at least the industry standard 10 year warranty, no ifs ands or buts (if you live in California, you will not qualify for a rebate without a 10 year warranty). When you find all three of these features present in a solar power inverter, you know you have a reliable unit that will make you the most money possible with the smallest possible financial outlay. Let's take a look at some really efficient, low cost per watt, 10 year warranty solar power inverters on the market that have built reputations for trouble free grid-tie performance.

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Pv Powered Inverters

Oregon based PV Powered likes to keep things simple, designing their solar inverter line with far and away the fewest number of parts of any device in the solar inverter market. Fewer parts means less maintenance, fewer problems and longer life. Because of this, these inverters generally last longer than the standard 10 year warranty they carry. Their line contains five models from 2,500 to 5,000 watts, and are all FCC compliant for radio noise as well.

Due to an oversize heat sink, unique thermal design and cooling system, no fan is required. This means none of the power you creates goes to powering a fan, and more power goes to the grid-tie. All of these features come together to create a CEC efficiency rating of 94.5 to 96%, tied with SMA for the industry's best numbers. They too are NEMA 3R rated for indoor as well as outdoor use, and an on-board fluorescent display is standard.

Simple serial board mounting for a remote monitor is present, as with the Fronius line, the required software for remote monitoring is easily downloaded, and this solar inverter line has a nice web-monitoring option available. Pricing runs under $1.00 per watt, and as mentioned earlier, the warranty is the 10 year standard. The highest efficiency of all inverters coupled with low cost per watt make this a very attractive choice for indoor or outdoor grid-tie solar systems.

No matter which inverter you choose, make sure price per watt is around $1.00, ideally less, it comes with a 10 year warranty, and is at least 93% efficient. When these qualities are present, you know that your grid-tie solar setup is being handled by the best solar inverters money can buy.

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