Start With Solar Power Garden Lights Before Beginning Any Solar Power Project

Solar power garden lights are a good way to start small. One of the nice features of solar is that it lends itself to being added in a modular way. You can invest in a small photovoltaic system and then expand it as you go, spreading the investment costs over a long period of time. Of course any solar power project has potential to become complex so this also has the benefit of using solar power right away since solar power is instantly available.

This will give you a chance to find out about the character of solar energy. If you start with the simpler products and then expand into larger solar components you can ease into a full blown home solar system. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to start out in solar is by installing lighting in your landscape. For $15, you can get a decent solar light with a range of mounting schemes.

There is a wide array of affordable solar power garden lights available. They can enhance safety, provide beauty and help save money. Wireless lights are easy to install and maintain. They range from practical and affordable models to those that are decorative and expensive.

Bulbs powered by the sun have battery units which recharge during daylight hours. It's good to position the lights in locations which receive the most direct sunlight throughout the day. After a full day of charging, they can remain illuminated for up to 10 hours.

There are an interesting variety of sun-powered lamp styles available. Some are shaped like flowers or bugs, while others resemble rocks or birds. They generally increase in price with larger sizes and more intricate designs.

Solar lamps usually turn-on automatically at dusk. However, there are some models which have on-off switches, and some that are designed to illuminate when they detect motion. The motion-detecting units often sell for a bit more than the standard models.

Some solar lanterns are intended to be secured on the side of houses, sheds or garages. These units have flat panels and mounting hardware. The models designed to mount on vertical surfaces are often inexpensive.

Other styles are stake-mounted, and are intended to be inserted into the ground. These units offer maximum flexibility, and can be placed along driveways and paths. Smaller styles with basic designs are usually the most affordable.

Hanging lanterns are designed to be hung on posts or trees. As with other models, these should be placed in areas that have the most possible sunlight. Set-up is easy and simple. Prices are generally in the lower range.

For a cost-effective, weather-proof outdoor lighting alternative, solar power garden lights can be a great choice. Their varied shapes, sizes and colors can be coordinated with any design concepts. They are simple to install, and can easily enhance the beauty and security of any yard.

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