Why Solar Power Flood Lights? The Better Question Is Why Not?

Solar Power Flood Lights, a type of lighting for a yard or driveway, are a great way to secure your home while using less energy. There are lots of ways you can incorporate these into your home, ranging from your gardens and walkways, to over your driveway or even attached to the sides of your house. Not only do they use free energy from the sun, but they also conserve energy because they can be set up to activate through motion sensors. Aside from contributing to the betterment of the environment, there are plenty of other benefits to switching to solar power lights from your conventional incandescent bulbs.

Let’s take a look at some. These lights are both easy to install and maintain. Because they do not require any electrical feeds, they don’t have any wires. This makes the lights an easy install on or around your home with a simple mounting system. The only requirement is that they should be mounted in a somewhat sunny location to get their free energy.

When choosing which type of lighting you will want to purchase, consider whether you want the light to cover a broad area or a smaller one through spot lights. There is no need to install too many since they provide a large amount of light, averaging a 20 to 30 feet range.

Another obvious benefit is that solar powered / motion activated lights will help your power utility’s fingers out of your wallet. Although the initial cost may hit your wallet a little hard, the long term cost will decrease. So these lights can create an appealing look to your home and yard during the night and save you some bucks while doing it.

Through brightly lit walkways, to radiantly lit windows, your home will always appear warm and inviting. The real bonus here is that you can create a safer environment in and around your home, by ensuring that each part is brightly lit if some unwanted transient (or nosy neighbors) are slinking around your house.

There are two main types of solar power flood lights. There are Solar LED Lighting and Solar HID Lighting. The main difference is in their solar panel size and battery source. Although HID lighting uses efficient solar panels and provides very bright flood lights go for the LED lighting, which uses very little energy and will never need replacement. Although prices vary, an average LED price for home use is around $100.00. For example, a Solar Powered Motion Security Light 54 LED is priced at $109.99.

This light is ideal for driveways, or anywhere around your house where you want it to activate through motion. An 8 High Powered Green LED light is priced at $79.95 and is ideal for lining walkways or gardens. Whether it is an LED or HID light, solar power lights are a great alternative to conventional lighting.

Solar light kits are an excellent way to incorporate solar power flood lights into your lighting scheme. These will either include a solar panel, mainly used for lighting a large amount of space, or many individual lights, more ideal for your home. Some kits will provide both aesthetic and practical lights, so that they can be used for a variety of reasons around your home.

These practical lights can be used for security purposes, for example in dark corners of your home or over your driveway, and the aesthetic lights can be used for decorating purposes, for example to light up your garden or illuminate your flagpole or sign.

Not only are solar power flood lights environmentally friendly, but they also provide many benefits to your home, including increased security through their motion sensors, appealing charm to your landscaping, and decreased yearly energy bills. Being easy to install and maintain solar power flood lights are a great option and solution for every homeowner.

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