The Price Is Right With the Xantrex Solar Panel Inverter

Every intertie system will need a solar panel inverter,. This device is the 2nd most expensive part (after your solar panels) on your home solar system. It’s also the part that’s most likely to fail so you do not want to cheap out here.

Important Inverter features

As you can imagine efficiency is the big factor to consider when choosing inverters. But just like most technological things today efficiency measurements can be confusing. You just know that inverter manufacturers will tout their peak efficiency, but this peak is only reached when the inverter is fully loaded with maximum input power from on the sunniest of days.

Buy a solar panel inverter that with an efficiency that’s high over many different conditions. Some inverters claim high efficiency, but the efficiency relates to one number only, say peak efficiency. You need to consider the efficiency over the entire workload.

Another nice inverter feature would be modular circuitry. This will help facilitate easier troubleshooting and inverter repair. You (or your serviceman) can just swap out the faulty part when needed. Let’s face these thing don’t last forever.

If you want more detail on Xantrex inverters got to their site:

Xantrex Inverter

Manufactured in Chinese plants, but engineered in Canada and the United States, Xantrex GT-series solar power inverters are second generation devices that are much more efficient than the first generation SunTie units they built. Responding to worries and requests by their customers, pv installers and retailers, they went back to the lab and did extensive testing and R and D, and the result is the inexpensive, efficient GT series solar power inverter.

Pricing is right at $.80 per watt, and nothing but high praise is mentioned in respect to this upgraded line. One great feature is the COD-compliant single knob AC and DC disconnect that is standard on every model. In case your solar panel inverter needs to be serviced, this is “one touch easy” compared to the separate DC disconnect power boxes that must be mounted with other models.

These units are actually very attractive pieces, and are easy to access. The upper and lower sections of the inverter separate, leaving no exposed wiring. No fans are needed for cooling, and a full-featured LCD display is standard, with optional Ethernet or RS-232 access for computer monitoring offered (no web or wireless access yet).

A remote is offered as well, but must be hard wired. Also FCC compliant noise-wise, the GT series solar power inverter is NEMA 3R rated for both indoor and outdoor use, and the universally accepted beige is the color scheme. GT series models run in 2,800-, 4,000- and 5,000-watt sizes, operate very efficiently at a high 94 to 95.5% CEC efficiency rating, and carry the standard 10 year warranty.

Whichever solar panel inverter you pick, be sure price per watt is around $1.00, or less, and has a 10 year warranty. Your inverter should be at least 93% efficient. If you buy these qualities, you’ll know that you’re on your way to a solid intertie home solar system.

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