Solar Energy Videos Are a Good Introduction to Solar Power

We’ve compiled a series of solar energy videos to help introduce you to solar energy. These videos were researched with the intent of finding the most information with the best videos available. We’ll keep our eye out for any new solar energy videos that are released through youtube or any other commercial sources. We feel that seeing some solar concepts with the help of videos will enhance your ability to understand solar concepts.

As they say if a picture is worth a thousand words than solar videos are worth tens of thousands of words! You’ll also find videos sprinkled throughout the Home Solar Power Guide where they fit into the article’s content.

This nine minute youtube video shows the mounting and installation of rooftop solar panels. Check out this solar panel install from youtube:

Solar light tubes, also known as tubular skylights, are r a good DIYsolar project with a big return. Through putting some thought and effort into this project, you will not only be satisfied with the result, but you will also have saved yourself on the cost. This next video is about installing Solar light tubes. It's just a little bit more then 3 minutes long.

Here's a good primer on a DIY pre-fabbed solar panel. It's about 14 minutes long but pretty instructive:

A solar kit is used for absorbing energy (in the form of sunlight) from the sun’s rays and providing the user with clean and renewable energy to power his or her electric usage.Watch this 5 minute solar power kit video for a brief overview:

Watch this short but explanatory little animation about solar water heating:Check out this short (less than 3 minutes) video. It's really a commercial but it does briefly explain how they work and what they look like.

Watch this short (less than 2 minute) animation about how solar energy works. It's a little blurry but the explanation is clear!

We hope this series of videos was helpful in understanding solar power. Be sure to check back again as we uncover more videos to help you understand this exciting technology.

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