A Great Solar Energy Product is a Solar Light Tube

So you are at the point where you want to use a solar energy product to use in your own home? You may start with a terrific solar energy product called a solar light tube. Ok you may ask, “How do I install this solar tube?” This article will guide you through tapping into home solar power by installing a solar light tube in your own home.

Check out this great solar power video about installing one of these. It's just a little bit more then 3 minutes long.

Solar light tubes, also known as tubular skylights, are really a good do-it-yourself solar project with a potentially big return. Through putting some thought and effort into this project, you will not only be satisfied with the result, but you will also have saved yourself on the cost.

Before you bring your project, I would like to review the benefits that you will receive from the result of installing solar tubes. A solar tube lighting system collects sunlight on the roof and transfers it to a diffuser through a pipe. The result: a bright room on a low budget. Not only will the room be bright, but it will remain cooler than if you were to use conventional lighting.

So now you are to begin your project. You ask, “How much will this solar energy product cost?” Take for instance a $250 solar tube that transfers only three 100-watt light bulbs for eight hours a day. This solar tube will pay for itself in 19 months, so in general, the cost will be at one-tenth the heat.

Next, you want to consider the location(s) in your house where you will receive the most benefit from installing a solar tube. Take a walk around your house and look for any dark corners in highly used rooms, for example the family room. By installing the solar tubes in your family room, you will replace light that gets used the most. Furthermore, consider installing these tubes in dark, isolated bathrooms, as the natural light has a very calming effect. Another great place to install the solar tubes is in a dark kitchen. If this room is used a lot by your family, or if you enjoy entertaining your friends with parties and food, the cool tone of the natural light will be well appreciated.

After selecting the location(s) in your house, you will need to gather the appropriate tools for installation. The tools you will need are a jigsaw, a sheetrock saw, screwdrivers and some other basic tools. It is also a good idea to look at the installation instructions before you buy a unit for the complete list of tools that you will need. In addition, you will need the requisite nerve in order to saw a hole through your roof. It is essential that you locate the proper hole in your ceiling before you begin to cut. Once you find the proper location, you can use the jigsaw with a sharp blade to cut through. If you do not feel comfortable completing this part on your own, I would recommend hiring an expert to assist in installing the solar tubes.

In addition, please refer to the installation directions for a complete step by step guide in installing your solar tubes. It is always best to buy a complete kit as opposed to separate parts with just about every solar energy product that’s on the market. This will ensure that you have all of the proper parts to guarantee you will have a smooth and safe process. Furthermore, once your tubes are installed, it will be beneficial to take precautions to seal against the weather. Most kits will come with the appropriate silicon sealant for protection.

By assessing the cost, location, and tools you will need to install solar tubes in your home, you will be well on your way to retrieving the benefits from the natural and cool lighting that will be added within your rooms. Most of all, have fun with the do-it-yourself solar project, and enjoy the satisfaction you receive from completing a cost saving project within your home with a really cool solar energy product.

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