Sharp Solar Panels – Why so Popular?

Sharp Solar Panels produced by Sharp Electrics Corporation, a subsidiary of Osaka-based Sharp Corporation founded in 1912 in Japan by Tokuji Hayakawa, was founded in 1962 and is now the world’s leading solar panel manufacturer. Hayakawa’s vision, which has been reached and highly successful, is “Sharp makes products that others want to imitate.” With producing panels that are top performance and selling for a low cost, Sharp panels are highly popular in today’s market. Sharp produces both residential, called the OnEnergy system, and commercial solar panels, as well as ones that can be either placed on a roof or mounted into the ground. Sharp’s solar panels are used internationally in both commercial buildings, such as in schools and baseball stadiums, and in residential buildings.

Let’s see why Sharp solar panels are so popular within the solar market. Sharp’s panels are admired because of their long history of making reliable and impressive products. Sharp first produced solar cells in the sixties when developing a solar power system for a lighthouse, incorporating 225-watts. At the time, this was the largest solar system in the world. They continued to develop solar cells for use in outer space in the late sixties. Currently, Sharp Corp has exclusive rights to selling solar cells to JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

What type of solar panels does Sharp Corp produce? Sharp produces mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline silicon solar panels (which are black framed and lightweight), which use solar cells from a large crystal deriving from ingots. These panels allow for additional light absorption and works well in indirect sunlight, increasing its efficiency. Although they are the most efficient type of panels, they can be rather expensive. Sharp solar panels come in four watt variations, 80, 123, 165, and 185.

Watts 165 and 185 come with bypass diodes, pre-attached leads, and MC-Connect quick connect plugs. On the other hand, 80 and 123 watts , which are more traditional, include a junction box which allows for more flexibility when installing. Sharp solar panels most popular product is the 235 watt panel, which incorporates a modern style combining black backsheet and a black frame, made to install on any roof and therefore super versatile. An added benefit for the consumer, all styles come with a 25 year long warranty.

Knowing the exact number of solar panels you will need to purchase can be difficult, so let’s look at an example which may point you in the right direction. If you were to have a 500 square foot roof, you would need about 24 Sharp panels with a panel array of 5,520 watts. At about $715 per panel and $3.61 per watt, your total cost will be roughly $17,160 for the panel and array installation. For more detailed pricing, visit SolarTown’s website at How much will you save if you decide to make the investment on Sharp solar panels? According to Sharp’s website, you could save money each month, if your monthly electric bill is $100 or more, if you implement a Sharp solar system.

Just recently, the Sheridan School in Washington, D.C. had Sharp’s panels installed on their 3,800 square foot roof, totaling 252,224 watts within the panel array. This array will provide 56 kilowatts of energy, allowing for the use of renewable energy throughout the school. Not only will the school become increasingly environmentally friendly, but will allow the school administration stress the importance of using renewable energy to their students.

Through Sharp Corp’s successful reputation and innovative development, there is no question as to why Sharp Corp is the leading manufacturer of solar panels and why Sharp solar panels have become so popular.

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