Setting Up Solar Power In Your Home – Easier And Less Expensive Than You Think

Setting up solar power can certainly take a couple of months, involve tons of paperwork, working hand-in-hand with contractors, and set you back a fair amount of money. But that is if you install a whole-house solar energy system, and do it all at once. The fact is, you can do this in your home for as little as $5, and gradually increase your level of commitment and savings.

Have you ever seen those little lights that border garden paths, patios and other outdoor walkways that shine so brightly at night? Many of them are solar garden lights, which have a small solar panel on their head that sits silently absorbing the sun's rays during the day. When the sun drops and darkness begins to creep across the landscape, all that energy stored up during the day is released to power a solar light bulb, and your way is illuminated.

Setting up solar power at your residence is as simple as placing these on your property. At less than $5 each, they simply stake into the ground, and you are done. But this small measure will help turn your head around to the amazing power that the sun limitlessly provides free of charge. A solar Photovoltaic Cell (PV) can be smaller than a postage stamp, or several can be constructed into a large solar panel. These panels absorb the sun's light (radiation) and convert it to usable electricity using a solar inverter. Then that electricity can be used to power your hot water heater, lights and other electrical appliances.

I know what you must be thinking. You probably think that setting up solar poweron a large scale for your home takes tons of space, and is super difficult to undertake. Nothing could be further from the truth. Did you know that the roof area of a standard backyard shed is about the same space needed to power the typical family of four's solar needs for an entire year? And roofs are perfect places for solar panels because they take up no space in your yard, and look natural and unobtrusive.

But one of the amazing things about solar energy when you consider setting up solar power is its flexibility. Solar panels can be built in sequence, meaning that you can start out with a panel only large enough to power a solar hot water heater, which will save you about 18% to 30% of your current light bill from day one. As you see your savings grow, add panels, adding to the amount of savings and free energy you enjoy.

Some people never get more involved than adding a solar hot water heater when setting up solar power in their homes, and that is fine. How would 17% to 30% monthly utility savings sound for the rest of your life, not to mention the tax rebates and subsidies you will enjoy, and gaining the knowledge that you are helping the environment at the same time. And solar hot water heaters pay themselves off in roughly 3 to 6 years, quicker if you experience several electrical power rate hikes. This is the perfect starter plan when setting up solar power in your home in so many ways.

But if you want to start slower, install some solar power lights in your home. This is basically cutting a hole in your roof to house a traditional sky-light. This light is then funneled via solar tubes made of highly reflective material to wherever you need it. Inexpensive and immediately rewarding, with the help of solar tubes, light can reach every nook and cranny of your home.

You see, solar power can be inexpensively harnessed to augment your life in so many ways. And there are solar power attic fans, solar floodlights and security lights, even solar ovens. The list of solar power devices is truly endless. So do a little research, get started today setting up solar power in your home, and your future will be brighter than ever.

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