Residential Solar Energy 101

The most desirable characteristic of residential solar energy is obviously the money you can save, in the form of monthly electric bill savings and government subsidies, but there are many other great benefits as well. Solar power is a totally clean-energy production, creating no pollution, sludge, harmful by-products or refuse. You are not only saving money, but you are lessening our harmful impact on the environment, and the air you breathe. For some, this environmental plus is enough to get them going on a solar power project, but the benefits don't stop there. Solar power helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil providers as well. Less money overseas means more money staying right here in America, so you are helping the economy also. And the feel-good effect of providing a smarter, cleaner, healthier way to live for our children can not be understated.

And implementing a solar energy plan in your life needn't set you back your life's savings, or take all your time and energy. One of the biggest myths concerning setting up a solar power generation system in your home involves cost. Many uninformed people are propagating the erroneous belief that solar power is expensive. Actually, you can begin harnessing solar power in your home for as little as $5, and a solar water heater system is only 40% to 75% more expensive than a standard set-up, and pays itself off in as little as 4 years. And once any solar system pays itself off, you are enjoying totally free energy for years, since most residential solar energy systems last more than 20 years.

The number of homeowners using residential solar energy increases daily thanks to the ease-of-setup, low cost of implementation and immediate financial payback. Government and local subsidies for solar energy plans in the form of tax deductions, tax breaks and outright cash incentives have become more and more accessible, and make investing in solar power even more appealing. Interested in getting started but don't know where to turn? Ask you friends, family and neighbors if they know of anyone who has already turned to the sun for energy, and then ask lots of questions. I'll bet you find yourself pleasantly surprised by the answers, and anxious to get started on your own plan.

Residential solar energy uses the same technology as larger business and corporate solar systems, just on a smaller, simpler level. This is one of the most inviting aspects of solar power. It is simple and we can understand how it works, because we already understand the power of the sun. This allows for you to start off small, and simply grow your solar system in size as time goes on. Since solar energy systems produce more power according to how much total solar collector surface area you have, you simply add solar panels whenever you desire more power.

Residential solar energy has become more affordable and attractive in recent years. The upfront cost is the only real financial outlay, there is almost zero upkeep and maintenance, the value of your home increases, property tax raise-protection is available and you begin to receive payback immediately. You teach your children priceless lessons about being a good steward of the planet, and independence as well. Getting a solar plan going in your life is really simple, and you can start off small and ramp up as you see results. The benefits list is long, and the negatives barely exist. So what are you waiting for? Put a residential solar energy plan in place today, and enjoy a cleaner, healthier, independent life tomorrow.

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