Freeloader Portable Solar Power Supply: Your solution to Power Problems on Go

Can’t think of how you can use a portable solar power supply? Have you ever run out of power on your handheld electronics? How frustrating does it get? What if you could just charge it on the go and start using it as if it never got discharged? This is exactly what the Freeloader Portable solar power supply can do for you. It can be charged by exposing it to the sun and once fully charged it can last up to a quarter of the year.

Ultimate accessory for gadget lovers

If you love stuffing your backpack with gadgets and want them to be charged all the time, then you need to carry a Freeloader Solar Power Charger with you at all times. It can charge almost any portable media seamlessly in absence of a power socket. The best part is that it relies on solar power alone to derive its power. This portable solar power supply can charge your PSP in two and half hours, your Smartphone in about 44 hours and your iPods and PDAs in just under a day. You do not need bright sunny weather for this to work, it even works in partly cloudy conditions.

Today we are moving away from the desk and home and becoming mobile. With that mobility comes the need to carry portable gadgets so that we don’t miss our home or office when on the go. In fact, things like mobile phones are a necessity now-a-days. With your pockets loaded with all of these accessories, the Freeloader is the perfect charger to carry around. If you can get some sunlight, your electronic items can be charged, that’s how effective and simple it is.

The freeloader comes with multiple charging options. The first and the most obvious one is the solar power charger which uses premium solar panels to convert sunlight into energy. You can charge the Lithium Ion batteries within five hours. At night or extremely poor sunlight conditions you can also charge the battery using USB connected to your computer or mobile phone too. With a USB the charging time is reduced to around 3 hours.

It is obvious that most buyers of Freeloader have found it to be most useful outdoors. If you love adventure and like camping, boating, or even just traveling abroad where the power pin configurations do not match, Freeloader can make a huge difference. You can either run around to get your devices charged, or just place the freeloader in sunlight and let it take care of charging. Don’t think of it as being just for the outdoors, even in emergencies, having a charger like the Freeloader can be invaluable for your cell phone or GPS.

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