Energize With Natural Resources By Using Portable Solar Power Generators

Portable solar power generators can solve energy needs that are growing day by day. Experts believe these generators are the long-term energy solution to this problem. Technological advances and increasing use of electrical equipment is increasing demand for power each year. It is said that by 2050 there would be no oil available as per the current demands and usage. So, this is where portable solar power generators can help.

Check out this short (less than 3 minutes) video. It's really a commercial but it does briefly explain how they work and what they look like.

Wind, water, and sunlight are the best alternatives for a long-term solution to meet the world’s energy needs. Winds might calm down for a few days, water pressure might not be enough to run the turbines, but sunlight is always available to everyone. Therefore solar energy is the cleanest and most inexpensive way to generate power, produced using portable solar power generators. Using a portable generator actually is cheaper than a permanent solar panel, but it’s a short-term solution.

An average portable solar power generator size of one square-inch generates 70 mill watts an hour. If you are looking for a permanent solution for your entire house needs, it is going to be really expensive. But you can consider a few important things to run on solar power. For example, use a laptop computer instead of a desktop and use fluorescent lights instead of incandescent. Things like these can cut down on your consumption.

You don’t want your own solar generators to cost you more than the power supplied from the electric grid. That is why you should consider owning a portable solar generator. Portable ones are a little cheaper and you can use them for a specific device or even take them outdoors for picnic and camping. They are easy to install and power can also be retained so that you can use it at night.

For example, if you are going camping during the daytime these generators can charge themselves so that you can use electricity at night. So, even if you are camping outdoors you can continue working on your notebook and use some small appliances with these solar generators.

Portable solar panels that take less room and can be easily folded for portability are also available. Wiring is easy so that anyone can install it anywhere. A foldable stand is also provided so that you can place it anywhere for direct input of sunlight. One thing you should always consider when buying a solar generator is the quality. Do not buy cheap ones that would last for a year only. There are companies that offer twenty to thirty years warranty. So paying a little more rather than buying a new one every two years is always worth it!

One new item on the market that is making waves is My Solar Backup. It stores the electricity and can be used within minutes if the power goes off. A refrigerator or oxygen machine could be plugged in immediately to the portable solar power generator when electricity is needed in an emergency. It may sound expensive, but just going off the electrical grid every day would actually pay for itself fast. Every day new ideas are being created to help more families get off the grid.

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