Will I benefit from Pool Solar Panels compared to gas heaters?

Pool Solar Panels use the sun’s energy to heat your pool. The pool pump that you currently own, or planning to purchase, will circulate the water through the heater which will provide heat to your pool. There are additional parts, such as an automatic control and pump valve, which are used to help regulate the temperature. On those not-so-sunny days, or if you live in a northern location with a cooler climate, you may want to consider purchasing a pool water heater. This can be used as a back-up heater. Solar systems use the sun’s energy, which will enter through the pump valves and be transferred through a filter, pumping through to heat the pool.

There are two types of pool solar providers: panels or mats. Both types contain carbon black which is used to absorb the sun’s energy, and consist of inhibitors which protect the panels. Mat panels are designed to fit any shape roof, as they can be easily cut into any shape. Pool solar panels that consist of unglazed collectors are the least expensive, and are great for outdoor pools. Whether your purchase glazed or unglazed collectors, you will need to ensure that they contain freeze protection, for when the pool is being used in cooler times of the year. Furthermore, panels that are mounted on the roof can be easily detached when the pool season is over.

When deciding how many solar panels you will need, it is important to consider three factors. First the size and shape of the pool will determine the amount of panels you will need. A good rule of thumb is to purchase enough panels that would cover 50-100% of the pool size, as anything below would not suffice. Also, depending on whether your pool is in-ground or above-ground, will determine what kind of heater version you will need. Second, assess how much sunlight your pool receives and if any parts are in constant shade, which may alter how many panels you will need to purchase and the location you are mounting them. Third, figure out what direction your roof is, whether it is north, south, east, west, which is important when estimating the amount of sun you will receive on a daily basis.

Will making the change to solar power in order to heat your pool be worth it financially? The cost of the solar systems usually cost between $3,000 and $4,000 depending on the characteristics of the pool and the needs and wants of the purchaser, and will last between 10-20 years. Most often the warranty coverage is ten years. Within two or three years, a pool solar panel system will most likely be paid off from the amount of money you will be saving.

Companies such as FACFO, founded in 1969 and earning 30 U.S. patents since then, provide solar water heating systems. By purchasing one of their systems, you can be sure to enjoy your swimming pool for a longer period of time throughout the year, from spring to fall. With a cost that is less than a gas heater installation, you will be dramatically reducing the amount spent year-round on pool costs alone. As opposed to a gas heater, you will be receiving free heat once pool solar panels are installed. Through FAFCO’s 12-year warranty, you will be able to receive the benefits of a solar pool without worrying about the quality of your purchase.

Through Pool Solar Panels, you can comfortably enjoy using your pool all year long at a reduced cost. Outdoor pools can often be difficult to maintain as it is; why not make your life easier and install Pool Solar Panels?

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