8 Cheap Ways to Make Your Own Solar Power

It’s cheap and easy to make your own solar power and start going green. With landscape lighting, just one solar powered light in just the right place on your lawn can give you a dramatic presentation. Costing less than ten dollars and only five minutes to put in place, the effort toward the payoff is well worth it. One of solar landscape lighting's greatest benefits is that, if you don't like how a layout lights your landscape, you can move it around with ease until you get an arrangement that thrills you.

One entertaining way to make your own solar power is in a form of lighting for swimming pools. There are cool floating lights that change color, playing their tints out across the pool. A fun activity for kids is to swim underneath these floating lights and enjoy the portable light show they project.

You can get this same color-changing drama in the lights that illuminate your yard. These gentle, changing lights add an air of mystery to your yard. This is especially nice if you have a large picture window, where you can place some solar lighting and achieve quite a nice effect.

Make your own solar power with Portable showers. When you hear about portable showers in a moment, you will find the idea a bit crazy, but when you think about it, this technique is highly practical, as well as being a huge money saver. The idea is to take a large (specialized) plastic bag, fill it with water, and lay it out in the sun. After your bag of water has heated up to around 105 F, then you can hang that bag from the nearest tree and you have your hot shower. Just open the small valve in the bag and you are in business.

A great place to have one of these easy hot shower contraptions is poolside, where you can use your hot shower to rinse off the chlorine coating after you swim. Another place this can be used as a luxury is while camping.

Make your own solar power with sunscreens with roll-up Mechanisms

With sunlight coming into your windows everywhere (except the north) during a hot day, you find yourself facing a couple of negative things. The sunlight coming in has definitely made the room hotter, but the brightness of the sunlight has also given this hot room a psychologically hotter appearance. You can give people a choice of two different rooms, one slightly darker than the other, yet of the same temperature, and those people will choose the darker of the two rooms.

This is where solar sunscreens come to the rescue. They can lessen how much sunlight your rooms get, often by as much as 90 percent. And the cost is just as amazing, at just $2 per window per year. A fantastic savings, yet the other effects it produces are just as fantastic. Your greatest heat reduction comes when you place these sunscreens across south-facing windows.

Sunscreens are easily attached using common thumbtacks, and if you take the time to cut the corners of the screen so they sit flush with the window, then they will look good with just these simple items. Add just a couple more dollars to your plans and you can have a sunscreen retractor motor that will move your screen in and out when you want to allow the sun back into your room's view. The idea here is to treat the sun warming the room in the opposite way in the winter than the summer. In the summer, you want a cooler room, while in the winter you want it warmer.

Make your own solar power with solar fountains

Having a solar fountain can set you back about a hundred dollars, but it is worth it. Its interesting effects are closely tied to the weather. On a sunny day, you will have a full flow of water running down it. As it gets cloudier, the flow drops until it completely stops under deep, cloudy conditions. It is a great way to gauge how much sunshine your yard is getting.

If you want a bigger solar fountain, you can save a lot on the costs by doing much of the laborious work yourself. If you DIY take advantage of the natural landscape surrounding the area where you’re placing the fountain. Doing this, you can naturally create a very large solar fountain and your only real cost is buying a solar pump.

As you build your solar fountain, create it with the reservoir near the top so you can store your water. This will allow you to control the ebb and flow of the water in the fountain for use when the sun goes behind the clouds. You can even save this water to use at a later time, for instance, during your summer evening barbecues.

Solar fountains, like solar lighting, can be placed anywhere in your yard that you desire, as long as you can place your PV panel in direct sunlight.

Make your own solar power with battery chargers.

If your household eats up batteries like good food, then you can cut down on your costs by switching to a rechargeable battery, and go even further by tying the rechargeable battery to a solar charger. This doesn't necessarily apply to just common household batteries either. Solar chargers can be used for car batteries, computers and laptop batteries, as well as small appliances around your house. Setting yourself up with solar battery chargers will teach you how to use PV technology.

Make your own solar power with solar cooking

How much fun would it be to be able to have a nice solar barbecue, especially when you can do it for less than fifty bucks? Sound like fun? You can, and its benefits will last for years, each time you invite friends over for a summer bash in your backyard. Because you’ll be cooking outside most of the time your house won't be heated up by a hot oven in the kitchen. You also won't need your air conditioner to cool it down either.

Reading Under The Sun At Night

Make your own solar power by constructing a reading lamp that does not draw from your house’s power is a nice project to do and you can put all the bells and whistles you want to into it. You’ll begin with the same kind of light you use when camping, one that has a simple PV panel, along with a case for the rechargeable battery, a light sensor, one switch and LEDs. This is all you'd need to get started. You can attach this solar light to the back of your comfortable reading chair, and once installed, you can read all night long without having to attach your light to your house's power grid.

If you are someone who likes to go all out with an electronics do-it-yourself project, you can create your own electric circuit anywhere from the very simple to the very complex. If you know anything about optics, then this field of design will be wide open to you.

Make your own solar power solar flashlights

Most of us can relate to being in the dark, reaching for a flashlight, only to find that the batteries are dead. This can be a frustrating experience. The nice thing about having a solar flashlight is that you can trust that it will always be ready to go when the power goes out. But you can't just bury it in the kitchen junk drawer and forget about it. You have to hook it up on a window sill so that it soaks up the sun. You can use these not only in your own home, but in a lakeside cabin, on your boat or while camping. These reliable gadgets will never let you down and will prove to be one of the best investments in your home that you can have.

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