How is Solar Energy Used? Do It Yourself Solar Ideas To Save You Money!

How is solar energy used? Solar power can be used to heat water and replace a standard water heater. This is a little more expensive than some solar conversions around the house, but pays off over time. The savings would be approximately 25% of your energy bill after installation. While transferring your current water heater to solar power can run well over $1000, the savings add up quickly. The environmental effect is immediate, and your carbon footprint is reduced.

How is solar energy used at night? Solar tubes are more versatile than skylights, and they are much less expensive. Also smaller and easy to install, they can be operated with accompanying light switches and special light fixtures to store their energy and use the light at night. Installation only takes a couple of hours, and the savings are immediate.

You may have not thought about it, but you can charge many of the batteries you use every day with solar power. Small, transportable and low in cost, you simply place them in a sunny area to collect light from the sun. This small backpack-looking device can then attach to your laptop, iPod or other personal electronic device. The sun's light is transferred to electric power, and you are saving money right away, as well as preserving the environment.

How is solar energy used for cooking? With the growing popularity of solar ovens for both in the home and outdoor applications, cooking can mean saving the environment and money. Varying in size from portable tin-foil ovens to in-the-kitchen permanent installation, they work by directing the sun's rays to a pinpoint. Mother Nature and your pocketbook will both thank you.

Using solar energy to heat a pool or pond is just one of many outdoor applications. When you think of the cost to heat several hundred thousands of gallons of water it only makes sense to save money with the sun's energy. Environmentally friendly solar panels are used to catch, hold and use heat when needed.

There are things you can do to protect the environment, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint which do not cost you a penny. Why not use sunlight from your window and shut off a few lights? If there is sun and good weather, have a family outing and shut down the thermostat. Did you know that you can make "sun tea" by placing a gallon of water with a tea bag in the sun's path for a few hours? This saves using electricity or gas to boil water. These simple tips will get you thinking conservation and not consumption.

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