Home Made Solar Power Made Easy

The use of home made solar power has become increasingly popular. Many smart homeowners are taking the time to assess their home energy costs and get involved in projects that convert conventional energy to solar power energy. There are loads of projects that can be done in and outside of your home that will cut costs by using solar power. For example, outside your home install a solar pool heater which consists of a solar pool collector, a filter pump, and a diverter valve. This will save you a small fortune and extend your pool season too.

Home made solar power projects for inside your home could involve the installation of solar lights, fans, water pumps, water heaters, ovens and air conditioners, all great ways to cut costs and reduce energy consumption. Some outdoor projects are just plain cool and excellent to brag about. Try your hand at a solar powered water fountain. They’re real simple, all you need to do is combine a store bought fountain with a PV solar module kit and you’re done.

Although there are many projects that can be completed using home made solar power , I will discuss five common DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Solar Projects. Let’s take a look into each of these projects.

  • Solar Shingles are a great alternative to solar panels, which do not often blend in with your existing roof design or layout. These shingles willl not only protect your roof, but will generate electricity through the sun’s energy. These shingles can be installed on a roof very similar to conventional ones. Make sure you avoid nailing the electrical area of the shingle in order to prevent damage, and place the shingles in an area on your roof that will always be in the direct sunlight.
  • Install solar fans in your attic, you will use less energy in your home when compared to your traditional air conditioning system. The attic is an area that directly receives the heat from the sun, contributing to high costs associated with trying to cool your home. If your attic remains cool, it will make it easier to cool the rest of your house. By installing a solar powered attic fan, you will improve the air flow and decrease the amount of hot air trying to enter the rest of your home.
  • Solar lighting can be used in various ways in and around your home, including your walkway, garden area, driveway, and patio. Solar lights are easy to install, and use the sun’s energy for electricity, storing it within the light’s rechargeable battery for when it is dark outside. Ensure that the lights are placed in an area where they will retrieve direct sunlight.
  • A home made solar power Solar Water Heater will be highly beneficial, and consists of two pipes, a solar collector, and a water tank. The water tank should be placed in an insulated box with a glass top. Two pipes will connect the solar collector with the water tank, so that the heated water can pass through.
  • A solar panel can be set up from a solar panel kit which usually consists of solar cells, soldering iron, solder, flux, and tabbing. There are two types of solar panels: (a) Panels that use solar energy to heat water and (b) Panels that use solar energy to convert light into energy. You can tie these solar panels in to a variety of devices that produce power in countless ways throughout and around your home.
There are a variety of DIY Solar Power projects that can be completed in order to cut costs and save energy. Some of the common home made solar power projects are installing Solar Shingles in order to generate electricity, Solar Fans in your attic in order to use less energy when cooling your home, Solar Lighting in order to use less energy, Solar Water Heater to generate heat for your water while conserving energy, and Solar Panels in order to produce energy throughout your home.

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