Use Discount Solar Power and Lower Your Solar Power Costs Through Leasing

Discount solar power is finally a reality! The sometimes substantial solar power costs of building and installing your own home solar system can now be avoided. By employing a strategy that has been at work in so many other fields and technologies for years, but only just recently has become widely practiced with solar energy, leasing solar power has arrived.

You can either lease the solar products needed to produce power for your residence, or lease a remote plot of land that has solar production equipment on it, and sell the energy developed. Either way, you are creating discount solar power because the up-front costs of production are pushed off on someone else, the rentor or note-holder.

Just like renting or leasing a car or boat, you lease the solar equipment from a company that installs it on your roof, and you are producing discount solar power. Instead of absorbing the solar power costs of paying contractors and buying equipment, you pay a set monthly fee for solar power, and enjoy the money-saving power of solar energy.

You don't have to pay any cash up front, and you don't have to worry about rising energy costs, because you are locked in at a set rate. Obviously, it is much better to finance your own solar power project, but if you do not have the credit that is good enough for a loan or the necessary up-front money, leasing is a great way to create, in effect, discount solar power. You don't have to worry about a loan showing on your credit report, and the rental company is responsible for any maintenance.

As with all leases, if you want to cancel before the contract is over, you may have to pay a cancellation fee due to market value lost to the solar energy panels and modules during the term of the lease. But in many ways, getting discount solar power and defraying any upfront solar power costs through leasing is a wonderful choice for those who want a hands-off solar solution.

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Remote location solar power plant ownership is another lease option, and it works like this. A company purchases a large area of land, and divides it into plots roughly 40 feet x 40 feet. They then build solar power generators on each plot, and sell or lease them to customers like you. The land is always in an area of high sunshine like a Nevada desert, with no shade available to hamper production.

This is really no different than the above home-rental cheap solar power situation except it is on a larger scale, and you do not need to ever see it! And when you hook this into a state-run inter-tie system with the local power company, you make out like a bandit since there is only production on the site, and no energy expenditures. There is a max to the amount you can earn, because energy consumption is averaged and figured for a year in the general area where the solar energy is created, but as long as your profits pay your lease or loan every month, you are in the black.

In this way, you get your solar equipment for much less than if you installed your own home power supply, and there is no company coming to your home to install panels like in the home-rental example, so your solar power costs are minimal. Productivity is super high in a sun-filled area, and since all the circuits are run in parallel, the system is much more efficient.

As proof of the ability of un-blocked, no shade solar power, estimates are that 100 square miles of Nevada desert covered with PV panels could produce enough emmission-free energy to power the United States with no carbon footprint every year. Discount solar power to the rescue!

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