A Great Solar Power Project - Build Your Own Solar Power Light Tubes

Do you want a build your own solar power project? Well one solar project that is relatively easy to take on and can return immediate results is the installation of do it yourself solar power light tubes. Careful planning involving placement can maximize your savings gain, and you can often recoup your investment in as little as two years. Also known as tubular skylights or solar light tubes, the mechanical make-up is quite simple.

A collector on the roof harnesses and then transmits sunlight down a highly reflective tube to the diffuser, which then spreads the light to the desired area. Thanks to these tubes, skylights need not be mounted immediately above the room to be lighted. Much cooler than conventional lighting, they can easily provide enough light to work or read, meaning this solar power project can quickly pay for itself.

A common solar tube can replace three 100 watt light bulbs for eight hours a day. At this rate, bearing in mind different power rates nationally, you can expect to save enough money to pay for a $250 light in 18 to 20 months. When you take into account the cooler work area, the comfort factor improves immediately.

Darker areas like family room corners and out of the way, seldom-used bathrooms are perfect spots for this do it yourself solar power project. This way, the light goes where it has the most effect, and the natural light provides cool, comfortable illumination without the need for flipping switches.

And while kitchens that are heavily used during the day are perfect locations for this build your own solar power project, stainless steel and brightly painted kitchens effectively maximize the light and increase its reach. Wherever you place them in the home, a full moon provides abundant nightlight as well, though not nearly as efficiently as the sun of course.

Aside from the nerve and self-confidence that is required to saw through your own roof, a jigsaw, hammer, electric drill, sheetrock cutter and basic tools are all that is required for this solar power project undertaking. But one great tip for the beginner and seasoned weekend warrior alike; don't buy pieces and parts, buy an all-in-one build your own solar power kit. Not only have they already been tested to ensure proper fit together, but kits have excellent “cut here” and “do this now” instructions that are easy to follow and promise quick, error-free results.

The only extras you may want to buy are extension tubes. You can always return these unused later, and they are very handy when all you need is a few extra inches to bridge a gap, and you save time and money having to run back to the store.

Another time-saving tip is to look over the installation instructions before you buy a kit, so you can be sure you have everything that you need. Planning the path of the solar tubing is smart as well, so you can assemble the correct number of ladders or work pads.

And composite shingles will absolutely gobble up your jigsaw blades, so get extra. Grab some extra silicone sealant over what the kit recommends as well (most kits have some already included), and remember the old carpenter's standby, “Measure twice, cut once,” and this will be one build your own solar power project that provides worry-free, money saving light for years to come.

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