What The Advantages Of Solar Power Mean For You

Because of the advantages of solar power it has become the new buzz word all around; it along with other sources like wind and others has suddenly come into the limelight. This is not just some advertisement gimmick; there are some real benefits to be had from using solar energy. The first is the fact that this is an abundant source of energy. So abundant that just the total energy that falls on the earth's surface can power all our present needs by over 35,000 times. This means our present energy demands, which we are having a tough time meeting using traditional solutions can be easily solved by solar energy.

Whenever people talk about the advantages of solar power, renewable and sustainable are a part of the discussions. A renewable energy source means an energy resource that does not require human intervention to replenish - it can do it naturally. Sunlight never gets exhausted, so it does not need replenishment. You can use it as much or as little as you want and you will still have lots of energy left.

Solar energy is also a sustainable form of energy. While tapping into this energy we will never have to put our future generations in jeopardy. We can come up with ways to harness this energy and still leave a healthy and lively planet for our children and grandchildren to live and enjoy.

However, the reality is that solar energy is not a major fuel source today. Fossil fuels continue to pollute and dominate the power domain. America alone imports 50% of all its fossil fuel needs. This was just 33% some thirty years ago and is predicted to rise to 66% in the coming years. So we are not just polluting, but we're also becoming indebted to other nations. One of the advantages of solar power is that it helps us break out from this cycle. It can be produced within the US without relying on foreign nations. Switching to solar power moves you out of the utility supplier grid and helps bring down your power bills. Besides, a solar home commands a premium price over regular home as well.

Another one of the advantages of solar power is that you can insulate yourself from the electric power bills. With sun powering your eco-friendly house, you need not worry about hikes in power bills anymore. Regardless of what the local utility company charges, your costs will not change since you are relying on sun for your power. Every house that moves off the grid onto the solar power nets the nation energy savings since there is a lesser need to import fuel. By opting for solar energy you are also reducing your carbon footprint in the world. Given that the average American has an 18 ton/year carbon footprint; this is a lot of pollution for us to bring down.

Sunlight is quite powerful and can truly drive your entire home. On a bright sunny day, you can produce nearly 1kWh of power from just a one square meter solar panel. You can expect to get about 6 kWh over the course of a sunny day. Since the average household uses about 30 kWh a day a five sq. meter solar panel in your backyard or roof should take care of your monthly bill.

Electric power continues to be the most widely used form of power. Recently there have been a number of devices and technological advancements developed with most of them relying on solar electric power. Solar power can be readily transformed into electric power to drive all these appliances and satisfy these demands. Interestingly, the demand for power rises in the hot afternoons and solar equipment work with maximum efficiency during that time. So this is an ideal technology to meet the peak time demands for power.

If you really want to tap into all of the advantages of solar power, this is the right time to do so. Government is urging people to adopt such new technologies. There are a lot of incentives, rebates and other attractive options government is offering to people moving to solar energy.

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